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作者: ismynameamy    时间: 2013-8-11 19:18     标题: 分享:英文诗

Summer Lullaby

A summerish heart with an unexpected calm
The world in my mind, the words on my palm.
Adventure in pajamas, swim in dreams
of hopes and geodes in this bare new regime.

Tap water, warmed in air, doesn’t cool down
the moist skin of this busy town.
Enclosing cool air with shut windows
and nibble away sleep, floated by pillows.

The curtains glow of glossy tea
The clocks tick of a flowered tree
The waves will pass, the weeks elapse
As we trace and travel across illusory maps

Find your way back, find your way here
Find your drowsy way to soon disappear
To the deepest of sleep.


Faces stretched through infinite time
No, not only faces, their voices and mien
still flakily echoes, still groggily chime
Withstanding a year’s intervene.

Sometimes, I think, my imagination roams untrue
Ignoring what change does to an unwary mind
Hope they’d smile back, as they used to
To distant eyes that time redefined.

Though I hoped that I would not change
The year defaced yet remade various thoughts
Some refined, some rearranged
Some dissolved, some... I forgot.

But don’t worry, what built me leaves a mark
And I hope, too, I left one there.

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